Design Grammars and Build Parts Libraries

Select or develop a rules-based grammar. Create a library of parts, either by browsing the public parts or adding your own parts.

Browse Parts

Design a synthetic DNA molecule

Choose a design strategy and a library of parts to work with. Compose a design and save it. You can also download its DNA sequence.

Design Construct

Simulate your construct

Choose a function to study the behavior of your construct.



GenoCAD has moved!

Update your bookmarks, because GenoCAD has graduated! The platform has left the server hosted by Virginia Tech and moved onto its own server at If you are an existing GenoCAD user, please follow the link for critical information on how this affects you.

Information for Existing Users...

About GenoCAD

GenoCAD is an environment to design expression vectors, genetic constructs, artificial gene networks, and any other synthetic DNA you can think of. GenoCAD is built on the idea that DNA is a language to program biological systems. GenoCAD includes large libraries of annotated genetic parts, which serve as the words of the genetic language. GenoCAD also includes design rules describing how parts should be combined to form functional genetic constructs. You can customize your workspace by importing your favorite genetic parts and editing the design rules to make them match the specifics of your project. The design rules and parts libraries underpin a construction wizard that guides you through the process of designing complex genetic constructs. When you are satisfied with a design you can export its sequence using standard formats (FASTA, GenBank, and tab-delimited text).